International Airhead Trip 2018

International Airhead Trip 1st to 5th of June 2018

Only for members/subscribers of "The Airhead" and members of The Danish Airheads


Participants status 26. november 2017: Pete and Linda (UK), Ian (UK), Peter (UK)

Ole (DK), Henrik (DK), Bjørn (DK)




1st of June: Arrival at “Vølstadskogens Camping og Hytter”, 16 kilometers south of Stavanger


2nd of June: Day trip to Preikestolen, 100 kilometers - and five hours hike!


3rd of June: Day trip to Lysebotn, 270 kilometers


4st of June: Day trip along the westcoast from Flekkefjord to Egersund and visit at Sira, 300 kilometers


5th of June: Departure from "Vølstadskogens Camping og Hytter"





As with the trips that I have arranged for my co-drivers in the “Danish Airheads” I do it all for free!


You only have to pay for your own expenses as transportation, fuel, accommodation, food etc.


And then you have to accept, that I always make many photos and films with you and your Airhead. You can then watch these photos and films on YouTube and Facebook. Everything is for non-commercial use!


Practical informations:




Camping and cottage:

Booking is possible from january 2018




•We gather together in Norway for 5 days in June 2018, of course with the opportunity to stay longer when I return to Denmark on the 5st of June.


•From Denmark I participate joined by one or two of my biker companions


•The fiirst day on site there will be an introduction to driving a motorbike in Norway


•3 guided day trips with Danish (English-speaking) guide the whole day. 100-300 kilometers/day


•Accommodation in own tent or in a cottage for 4 persons


•Each participant make there own booking of ferry tickets


•Each participant make there own booking of a cottage if this type of accommodation is chosen. There is a simple kitchen in each cottage


•The participant brings food for own use for 5 days, or make agreements with others to cook together.


•Accommodation in tents does not require reservation. There is a kitchen on the campsite that can be used by everyone who is staying in cottage or tent.


•The participant brings all the equipment for own use or make arrangements with other participants.


•Maximum number of participants 7 to 8 motorbikes (or, at the request of 9 to 16, the participants will be divided into two groups on day trips, and each group will get there own guide(s)) The status of numbers of participants will be announced on this site, and in the Facebook group "International Airhead trip 2018" In this group, all participants can write to me and to other participants.


If you want to go with us on this trip, please contact:


Peter Ardron (for subscribers/members of “The Airhead”)


Bjørn Høj Kristensen (for members of the “Danish Airheads”/guides on this trip)

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