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My name is Bjørn Høj Kristensen. I live in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. I am the happy owner of two beautiful Airheads, my R100RT 1982 and R100T, for 30 years dressed as R100RS, now almost back to it's masic as an R100T but with a twist of GS.


My motorcycle career started with a completely different model in February 1981. On the same day as I passed the driving test and got my motorcycle driver license, I picked up my Honda CB550 Super Sport at the motorcycle shop. After my first trips, it was clear to me that I would forever be a biker. A unique feeling of freedom that the motorcycle gave me was not find in other of my big interest. Freedom on two wheels is still what keeps me on the road as a part of the biker environment.


The first eight years, I drove Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. Both two stroke and four stroke. All chain-driven and all with many technical challenges. When I came home from a motorcycle trip to France in 1988, (in a car because my Suzuki GT 750 had collapsed in southern Germany) I knew that I would look for a motorcycle with great reliability, with shaft drive and no chain, a four stroke and not two stroke engine. In my focus was Yamaha XJ 900. In the motorbike shop, I was for the first time in my life close to a whole range of R100 models. These from the Danish police, were all released after 7 years of service and around 120,000 kilometers on the clock. A short test drive later, I was in heaven. A R100T 1981 was ordered. It should have a new RS fairing, new seat and a total repainting in true BMW red. Three weeks later, I went to the shop with my wife. Both my wife and I did not believe our own eyes when we saw the "new" model that was ready for us. The only thing that revealed that it was not a brand new motorcycle was the slightly faded contacts on the handlebars. As we drove home, it was late in the season and we only made some small trips this year.


The following year, in 1989 would then be the big test year. We made plans for the summer trip to Corsica. Meanwhile, my friend Henrik, who at the time worked in Greenland, was home for Christmas and soon he realized that he had to have a similar model. Therefore, two beautiful red RS models ran south that summer.


At the three-week trip, we drove more than 7,000 kilometers. A large part of the trip was out and back along the motorway through Germany and France. They did their job fine. However, it was on Corsica's winding roads the motorcycles really were optimal. We drove all around the island and often along the winding mountain roads in the middle of the island. A fantastic experience. At the same time, it was quite amazing that we never worried about technical problems or chains to be tightened and lubricated. Everything worked perfectly fine.


The following winter, I made plans with my wife Lisbet. What would become the motorcycle trip of our life, started in the middle of May 1990. We drove south through Europe. It was the year when the Berlin Wall fell, and all the stinky two stroke Wartburg cars filled well on the road in Germany.


We had no fixed plans, and the feeling of freedom was total. We spent the first four weeks and 4,500 km in Austria and the Balkans, which was at that time still gathered in Yugoslavia. The weather was cold and often rainy, but the beautiful and unspoiled scenery of mother nature, particularly in southern Croatia and Montenegro, made a great impression on us. In Pristina and Kosovo were riots begun. We attracted much attention and some boys threw stones at us as we drove past. We therefore continued rapidly to Macedonia, which was beautiful and peaceful.


The next two months we spent in Greece. Warm and beautiful routes in the northern mountains. Henrik on his red RS, and on the back seat my cousin also named Henrik visited us. They came along with us for two weeks. We sailed out to many of the Greek islands and in the heat of July, we hided in the least visited islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia. Later we drove into the heart of the mainland where we visited the Meteora monasteries perched on high rocky peaks.


In August, we sailed to Italy, crossed the country, to get a ferryboat to Corsica. This island is the motorcycle mecca of mine. Later, proceed west across the north of Spain to Portugal, where we spent the last month, with visits to many beautiful towns in the north and sunny beaches at the Algarve coast in the south before the trip brought us back to Denmark in early October. 135 days and 19,000 kilometers later, we were well home with many experiences.


Then came the years with babies and young kids. In twelve years, I had no motorcycle. Then ten years ago, I bought back my old RS. Meanwhile, a good colleague owned it, and it had been on several tours around Europe. Now 229,000 km on the clock. It remains fine and without any technical problems. I drove four seasons on my RS and in 2010, I bought a R100RT, and this is now my preferred machine. The driving position suits me better now that I am older. My red RS is still the most beautiful motorcycle I have ever seen in my whole life!


Since 2010, I have had many trips in the Scandinavian countries and in Germany. Along with other Airhead owners, "The Danish Airheads" I have been on several fantastic trips in Norway and Sweden. Of course, trips in Denmark too. On all trips, we carry tents, sleeping bags and camping gear. I still enjoy freedom on two wheels, and just this year, I have been on short trips with Lisbet, that have not traveled on motorbike with me for more than 25 years!


My dreams for the future are some longer trips around Europe along with Lisbet. In 2020, I have a great desire to repeat the first half of our long Europe trip in 1990. 30 years later and on the same motorcycle.


If you are interested in keeping up with my experiences, please visit my website and my YOUTUBE channel, where you will find many photos and more than a hundred films all about my Airheads.


Sincerely Bjørn Høj Kristensen, Aarhus, Denmark


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